Be My Doppelganger

  • 1. A To B

    2. Why

    3. Floor To Shoulder

    4. It Ain't Love

    5. Searchers

    6. No Control

    7. Discount Psychoanalysis

    8. In Love

    9. The Smartest Kid In The World Takes A Break

    10. Ender

    © Bitchin' Riffage/It's Alive Records • 2014

  • 1. Ignition On

    2. Big Time Joke

    3. Cha Cha Chump

    4. Turning Seventeen

    5. Slash N Bite

    6. Maybe It Was Your Fault

    7. Throw A Party

    8. She's Takin' Hold

    9. Backpack Beers

    10. Situation Overload

    11. Whatever Gets You

    12. Ordinary Eyes

    13. Peggy, Sue Me

    14. Chemical Spin

    © It's Alive Records • 2010

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Be My Doppelganger is a massively loud, charmingly sloppy pop band from Evansville, Indiana. For a solid decade, they’ve been trudging along in a small underground punk rock scene, leaving a trail of sporadic and varied recorded output that owes as much to the guitar-based experimentalism of early My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr as it does to the raw power of The Stooges or The Replacements.