Doom Generation Podcast: Top 3 Kids Movies That Doomed Us

Nicole and Tessa, the Dames of Doom, took a break from poddin' and graced us with what we can only hope is an inaugural guest column, briefly discussing three genuinely disturbing animated kids movies from the 80s. As soon as you're finished here, make sure you go and subscribe to their stellar podcast (links at bottom.)
3. The Last Unicorn - "A bull aflame, being sexually assaulted by a big busted tree, a drunk Paul Lynde skeleton, eyes aglow, screaming 'UNICORN!' Mommy Fortuna being attacked and killed by all 3 tiddies of the Harpy she imprisoned makes this CHILD'S movie horrifying."
2. The Secret Of NIMH - "Let's see...the gnarled hands of Nicodemus, the milky eye of Dragon, and holy shit - the Great Owl. Don Bluth can make any animal terrifying. Depictions of weird animal experiments and a sick 'child.' A 'moving day' that STILL stresses us out, and an actual move that's even worse. The Secret of NIMH is sadness."
1. Return To Oz - "So, Carrie's mom is really gonna leave this traumatized child alone with a quack that wants to do electro-shock experiments on her, huh? Nurse Wilson/Mombi is a sadist, and she also has a hall of heads...that she stole...and they scream...

We can't hear a squeaking noise without thinking there's a Wheeler lurking, and then a claymation stone King MELTS!

The live action element makes this our #1."
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